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Mirrors and Frames

Guaranteed Quality Work

Mirrors and Frames

Offering eloquently designed, precisely engineered and beautifully finished framed and frameless Mirrors at affordable prices!

Mirrors and Frames

Wide selection of mirrors frames to choose from our Gallery. Also available are the standard Aluminum Moulding, Beveled Mirrors, Polished Mirrors and Wood Frames…
We provide standard 5mm (3/16”) Float Mirrors with:

  • Polished Edges
  • Beveled Edges
  • Popular metal trims are available in Chrome, Gold, Brushed Nickel, Satin, Black and White.
  • Classy Moldings/Frames

Warranty for Mirrors

All mirrors are 5mm silver-backed mirrors. The warranty covers the product deficiencies only. Breakage or any cost (incidental or consequential) arising out of damage is not covered by any warranty.
Harsh chemicals and scrubbers should not be used. A short list of cleaning agents that should be avoided because they either damage the metal or scratch the enclosure surface includes:

  • Vinegar or vinegar based products
  • Abrasive or soft abrasive powders and liquids
  • Steel or Teflon pads Bleach or bleach-based cleaners

Usual care should be taken for the glass.   We provide limited lifetime warranty on installation.